Sunday, August 22, 2010

menangis wo..tgk cite ni...
pelakon nye xde la cun or hensem sgt
tp...salute kat jln cte dye...huhuhu

Ichi Rittoru no Namida

15-year-old Ikeuchi Aya was an ordinary girl, the daughter of a family who runs a tofu shop and a soon-to-be high schooler. However, odd things have been happening to Aya lately. She has been falling down often and walks strange. Her mother, Shioka, takes Aya to see the doctor, and he informs Shioka that Aya has spinocerebellar ataxia - a terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat. A cruel disease, as it does not affect the mind in the least. How will Aya react when told about her disease? And how will Aya live from now on?

This beautifully moving drama is based on the real-life struggles of a 15-year-old girl named Aya who suffered from an incurable disease, but lived life to the fullest until her death at 25. The script is based on the diary Aya kept writing until she could no longer hold a pen. The book that later followed entitled “One Litre of Tears" has sold over 1.1 million copies in Japan alone.

Aya's only wish was “to live." By carefully depicting Aya's earnest desire to live, and the love of her family, friends, and lover, the drama, “One Litre of Tears" wishes to deliver her simple but strong message: “Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing."
(Source: FujiTV)


  1. a'ah...dh tgk crita nie..
    sedih wooo
    siap nangis2 jgk la
    kisah bnar kn

  2. dye ubah ckit kn...sbb nk jge name org...
    sedey sgt la cte ni...
    lg2 bile part yg dye x leh terima yg dye sakit tu...

  3. part dia nangis, akk pon ikut nagis jgk...sadis tol la...

  4. hehehehe..
    dorg jd betul belakon...
    even dorg nye hero nye x de la ensem sgt kn..hahahah