Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Korean Drama: Cinderella's Sister


Gara-gara cuti seminggu sebelum bermula nye latihan industri..Saya telah berjaya marathon cerita Cinderella's Sister.. Sebenarnya,saya ni bukan nye layan sangat cerita korea ni....atas faktor jalan cerita yang sama,episod yang panjang and hero nye yang selalu nampak macam bajet bagus...(jangan mare ye..heheheheh)

Well...Cinderella's Sister ni boleh dikatakan cerita crying2 gak la...setiap episod tu...mesti ade je bab nangis...huhuhuhuh....abeh touching jiwa besi ku ini..huhuhuhu...Tambah pulak...yang si Hyo Sun tu...watak jahat...tapi nmpak tak jahat...sampai keliru beta...Eun Joo jahat ke Hyo Sun yang jahat????hahahahhaha...

Watak utama nye... Moon Geun Yoong....sebagai Eun Joo...Dye ade berlakon dalam My Little Bride and Mary Stay Out All Night...Hmmmm....Agak berjaya la dye berlakon sebagai watak yang dingin plus x de perasaan...hahahahahha...macam x caye lak dalam My Little Bride ngn Mary Stay Out All Night...watak dye gile2...name pun pelakon...mesti la macam2 yang dye boleh bawak kan...

Then...my favorite pelakon dalam ni...Chun Jung Myung...hahahahhaha...sebagai Hong Ki Hoon. Serius-ly...dye memang pandai berlakon...if dye berlakon cite monolog or cite tanpa dialog..memang dye berjaya la...sebab...mimik muka dye je...kite dah tau dye sedih ke...suka ke..gembira ke...and paling penting...dye sangat Cute bile senyum....^_^

Well...x nak cite panjang...

(kredit tu Aunty Wikipedia....)


Song Eun-jo (Moon Geun Young), who lives with her mother since years ago (and also her mother's lover), finally gets a new family and a home when her mother remarries to a kind man who owns a winery. At first, she denied it, and even attempted to escape rather than dealing with the attempt of being schooled. The cynical Eun-jo is unable to accept the affection of her new step-sister Hyo-seon (Seo Woo) and step father Gu Dae-seong (Kim Gab Soo). Hyo-seon, with her bright character, is the apple in her father's eyes and Eun-jo's mother goes out of her way to fulfill the role of Hyo-seon's mother, causing her to neglect and act harshly towards Eun-jo. However, Eun-jo finds a friend in Hong Ki-hoon (Chun Jung Myung), a college student working at the winery who becomes her own prince. Ki-hoon eventually leaves to take care of personal issues, but Hyo-seon's jealousy of Eun-jo causes her to make Eun-jo believe that he has abandoned her. The three reunite 8 years later to begin the main plot - a modern adaptation of Cinderella with a twist. Han Jeong-woo (Taecyeon), a boy that Eun-jo considered her little brother 8 years ago, appears in order to be near her and fulfills the role of a "fairy godmother" to her. A love triangle forms when Hyo-seon falls for Ki-hoon, who is still in love with Eun-jo. The feeling of betrayal lasts with Eun-jo, creating misunderstandings and difficulties. However, the kindness of Eun-jo's stepfather (Gu Dae-seong, Hyo-seon's father) begins to change everyone's lives, making this a tale of growth and redemption.

A cynical and shy young woman, Eun-jo is good at hiding her emotions and does not get attached to people easily. She is skeptical of her stepfather's kindness; however, she later realizes that it is genuine and this realization begins to break her hard exterior. Eun-jo is in love with Ki-hoon, and is hurt when he leaves, leading her to be cold and reject him when he returns 8 years later. She is also sad about her stepfather's death.

  • Seo Woo as Gu Hyo-seon (Brianna Gu)
A gentle and brilliant girl who has been treated like a princess her entire life. However, she is lonely and becomes excited when she learns that she'll be getting a new mother and sister. When her new family members are different from what she expected, it takes a toll on her. Hyo-seon is slightly spoiled and becomes jealous of her new stepsister.

Gentle, handsome, and kind, Ki-hoon sees much of himself in Eun-jo. However, when his difficult and broken family situation causes him to leave the winery, he disappears, leaving Eun-jo a letter that she never receives. Ki-hoon returns 8 years later and appears to be a spy for his evil step-family's company, but not everything is as it seems.

(all picture and info credited to Google.com)

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