Sunday, May 20, 2012

My "Endangered Animal" Poem by Olivia Binfield


Do you love animals? Some people do say yes and some do say no. Well, same as human being, animals also have their right in life. Have you heard and see, small little girl named Olivia, recite her poem with python in her neck?

(credit to YouTube )

My "Endangered Animal" Poem

Come on don't you have a heart?
You don't want these animals to depart ?
Forget the x factor and the top ten singing chart,
What about the endangered animals and the poison dart.
The arnour leopard, the Siberian tiger and polar bear ,
They are so gorgeous, it is just not fair.
If I say their Latin name, will you listen more ?
Oh Louis please do nt say this is a bore.
Varanus komodenis, komodo dragon by the way.
Why does man have to take them all away?
Man you are such a fool.
Snakes killed alive for handbags that is just not cool.
Please listen to my passion, although it may not be in fashion.
I can not sing it, you might laugh,
I can not dance, you would say I was daft.
But I am seven
And I want these animals to last!!

Well, keep thinking the voice of little girl..


Anees Chan

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